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সরকারি আদেশ (জি.ও)

বহিঃ বাংলাদেশ ছুটিঃ ২০২৩

ক্রমিক শিরোনাম ডাউনলোড
1. Notification (Mr. Md. Khorshedul Alam Chy, Audit & Accounts Officer, RHDC) রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
2. Notification (Mr. Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing, MP, Honorable Minister of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs) for Medical Treatment in Singapore from 19 March 2023 to 25 March 2023 রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
3 Notification (Mr. A T M Kawsar Hossain, Chief Executive Officer, Bandarban) রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)


বহিঃ বাংলাদেশ ছুটিঃ ২০২২

ক্রমিক শিরোনাম ডাউনলোড
1. Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of Mr ATM kawsar Hossain for Travelling India রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
2. Ex Bangladesh Leave for Mr. Udayan Dewan (ID 15749) for 12 days (India) for his son's treatment রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
3 Approval of ex bangladesh leave of Mr. Kyaw shwe Hla Marma রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
4. Approval of earned leave (Ex-Bangladesh) in favor of Mosammat Hamida Begum (5472), Secretary, MoCHTA for travelling of Saudi Arabia for 15(Fifteen) days. রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
5. Approval of earned leave  (Ex-Bangladesh) in favor of Ms. Bidushi Chakma (6928) deputy secretary, MoCHTA for travelling to INDIA and THAILAND for 01 month 15 days রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Approval of earned leave (Ex-Bangladesh) in favor of Mr. Tripti Shankar Chakma, Executive Engineer, KHDC, for travelling to THAILAND 15 days

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Government Order for The Tour of Mr. Abul Hasanat Abdullah, MP in INDIA from 24 April to 08 May

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Notification for The Tour of  Mr. Bir Bahadur Ushwe Sing, MP in Singapore and Thailand from 08 May to 15 May

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

approval for the perticipation in the 4th meeting of the HKH high level Task Force on 17 May 2022 in Nepal

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
10 Government Order for Participating 21st session of the UN permanent forum on Indigenous Issues (UNFPII) to be held on 25th April to 06th may 2022 in NEW YORK, USA রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
11 Approval for the Learning Sharing Exposure visit of formal and traditional justice system form 8th May to 15 th May রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
12 Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of Mr. Mongsueprou Chowdhury, Chairman, KHDC from 5th May 2022 to 25th May 2022  Travelling India for Treatment  রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
13 Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of Mr. Kyaw Shwe Hla Marma, Chairman, BHDC from 29th May 2022 to 12nd June 2022  Travelling Thailand for Treatment  রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Approval to participate HKH task force meeting in Austria 20-25 June

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
15 <span font-family:kalpurushregular;="" font-size:14px"="">Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of Mr. Abu Bin Muhammad Yeaser Arafat, Executive Engineer and Mr. Tushit Chakma, Executive Engineer, CHTDB travelling to Nepal from 30 July 2022 to 07 August 2022 for attending the training Course on Energy Demand Analysis using the Model for Analysis of Energy Demand (MAED). রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of  Mr. Tushit Chakma. Executive Engineer (CC), CHTDB, Rangamati travelling to Maldives from 26 July 2022 to 29 July 2022.

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)

Approval of Ex Bangladesh Leave of Mosammat Hamida Begum, Secretary, MoCHTA travelling to Nepal & Bhutan from 5 to 12 September 2022.

রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
18 Notification (Mr. Arnendu Tripura), Egypt রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
19 Notification (Mr. A T M Kawsar Hossain, Deputy Secretary) রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
20 Notification (Ms. Aleya Akter, Joint Secretary) রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)
21 Notification (Md. Huzur Ali-20330) রে ইং খং (স্মরণিকা)